Sensor-Online® IoT digital transformation through the Internet of Everything Everywhere.

Connect Everything, Everywhere with Sensor-Online|

Connect 30+ protocols & millions of devices to Cloud & IT.
A flexible and fast to deploy no-code edge gateway

Data integration can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with
multiple data formats, protocols, and sources. Our low code development environment, powered by Sensor-Online,
allows anyone to collect data from multiple sources, apply the data, and
update, store, and transmit data to a new service.

Experience simplicity with over 350+ pre-installed LoRaWAN payload decoders at your disposal. Just enter the security keys into Sensor-Online, pop batteries into your sensor, and watch it activate effortlessly.

Industry 4.0

Our IoT Platform have +30 protocols, and supports millions of devices for Cloud & IT. It includes a flexible, vendor-agnostic communication gateway for fast deployment. We optimize processes and fostering innovation in various industries.

Edge and Cloud

Create innovative IOT applications and solutions spanning both cloud and on-premises, enhancing business capabilities through advanced connectivity and integration.

Smart building

Enhancing efficiency, sustainability, occupant experience with IoT solutions. Connect, harvest data from various devices, including M-bus, LoRaWAN, Modbus, OPC, BACnet, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

IOT Protocol Gateway

Our IoT gateway services offer protocol normalization, enabling seamless data exchange between devices in a versatile many-to-many bi-directional approach, enhancing interoperability and efficiency.

OT/IT Convergence

Our OT/IT convergence solutions include embedded OPC servers, empowering seamless data translation into SQL queries, enhancing data utilization, and enabling robust industrial IT integration.

Everything Everywhere

Our hardware-agnostic, API-driven IoT platform seamlessly ingests and integrates data from diverse sources, enabling effortless data portability with critical systems like ERP.

Leverage IoT for Your Business!

Sensor-Online is a versatile IoT platform that utilizes low-code technology, making it accessible even to those without programming expertise.
It enables the rapid development of customized IoT applications that can seamlessly become part of a white-label IoT solution with minimal effort.

The Sensor-Online communication gateway stands as a pivotal element in a modern IoT platform, especially when it comes to normalizing data across a multitude of protocols. Its capability to facilitate a many-to-many bi-directional communication approach is particularly noteworthy. By supporting a diverse range of protocols such as LoRaWAN, M-Bus, Modbus, BACnet, MQTT, Sparkplug, PLC, SCADA, databases and others, the IoT Gateway acts as a universal translator and integrator of data streams from various sources.

This normalization process is critical. Different IoT devices and sensors often communicate in distinct protocols, which can create significant challenges in terms of data compatibility and integration. The IoT Gateway elegantly solves this problem by translating and normalizing these disparate data formats into a unified structure. This ability not only enhances interoperability among various devices but also ensures that data aggregation and analysis can be conducted more efficiently and accurately.

Moreover, the bi-directional nature of communication through the IoT Gateway allows for both the collection of data from devices and the dispatch of commands back to them. This feature is essential for real-time monitoring and control applications, where immediate response to data inputs is crucial.

One big advantage of this system is that it avoids locking businesses into using products from just one company. Instead, they can choose from a variety of options that best suit their needs. This flexibility is important for staying competitive and innovative. In short, the IoT Gateway makes it easier for industries to use IoT solutions in a way that’s flexible, doesn’t disrupt their current operations, and allows for choice and innovation. This aligns well with Industry 4.0’s goals of smart, efficient, and adaptable industrial processes.

In essence, the IoT Gateway’s power lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate and normalize a wide range of communication protocols, thereby enabling a more cohesive and efficient IoT network. This capability is indispensable in leveraging the full potential of IoT technologies, particularly in complex environments where multiple device types and communication standards coexist.

All the required functionality you need to digitize.

Sensor-Online™ platform connects, controls, and manages IoT devices; all in one place. with minimal effort across different
connectivity platforms, avoid unnecessary complexity and additional administration effort. Sensor-Online™ is a straight forward
solution to complex IoT challenges. we make it possible for you to build great IoT products and services with value. Sensor-Online™
is a horizontal IoT platform that can be used in different verticals and for many use cases.

Push-Pull data conversions

The optimized push-pull technology is pulling data from devices and pushing to other devices. This avoids invasive modifications and makes the conversion “serverless” and fast to implement.

Non-invasive retrofit conversion

Integrating existing machinery data to newly implemented systems is no longer a problem. SEnsor-Online actively moves the data bi-directional without the need to reprogram and make invasive changes. fast to implement.

Many-to-many conversion

With support for more than 30+ protocols, Sensor-Online is not only limited to one-to-one protocol conversion. It acts as a data router between all the protocols and allows many-to-many conversion. 

Data access & Export

All the collected data samples can be exported to CSV for analytics in external software. Additionally the samples are also accessible from the Open REST API interface.

Conditional conversion

Apply rules and conditions that defines when conversion and data transfer are performed. Only when these conditions are met the data is transfered and converted.

The OPC-UA server allows clients on any enterprise level to integrate & access data with all the automation- and building protocols supported by Sensor-Online.

The secure communication channel of OPC-UA in Sensor-Online provides a hassle-free IT / OT convergence with top-notch security with support for encryption and user authentication

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