Sensor-Online® IoT digital transformation through the Internet of Everything Everywhere.

Bridging the Gap: From Wireless Data Collection to Cross-Device Communication.

Discover Sensor-Online™, an all-encompassing IoT software platform that brings real-time sensor data directly to your office from any location. Its flexible and scalable architecture allows for the easy creation of tailored IoT systems, supporting all sensor brands and protocols without manufacturer restrictions. The platform’s open APIs facilitate seamless integration with a variety of data sources, services, and third-party systems, enhancing user experience across diverse applications such as energy and water management, temperature monitoring, and asset tracking. Sensor-Online™ speeds up IoT development and deployment for robust enterprise applications. Our IoT gateway ensures smooth data flow between devices with protocol normalization, while our low code environment simplifies data integration from varied sources, enabling efficient data collection, application, storage, and sharing.

Industry 4.0

Our IoT Platform have +30 protocols, and supports millions of devices for Cloud & IT. It includes a flexible, vendor-agnostic communication gateway for fast deployment. We optimize processes and fostering innovation in various industries.

Edge and Cloud

Create innovative IOT applications and solutions spanning both cloud and on-premises, enhancing business capabilities through advanced connectivity and integration.

Smart building

Enhancing efficiency, sustainability, occupant experience with IoT solutions. Connect, harvest data from various devices, including M-bus, LoRaWAN, Modbus, OPC, BACnet, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

IOT Protocol Gateway

Our IoT gateway services offer protocol normalization, enabling seamless data exchange between devices in a versatile many-to-many bi-directional approach, enhancing interoperability and efficiency.

OT/IT Convergence

Our OT/IT convergence solutions include embedded OPC servers, empowering seamless data translation into SQL queries, enhancing data utilization, and enabling robust industrial IT integration.

Everything Everywhere

Our hardware-agnostic, API-driven IoT platform seamlessly ingests and integrates data from diverse sources, enabling effortless data portability with critical systems like ERP.

Leverage IoT for Your Business!

Sensor-Online is a versatile IoT platform that utilizes low-code technology, making it accessible even to those without programming expertise.
It enables the rapid development of customized IoT applications that can seamlessly become part of a white-label IoT solution with minimal effort.

All the required functionality you need to digitize.

Sensor-Online™ platform connects, controls, and manages IoT devices; all in one place. with minimal effort across different
connectivity platforms, avoid unnecessary complexity and additional administration effort. Sensor-Online™ is a straight forward
solution to complex IoT challenges. we make it possible for you to build great IoT products and services with value.Sensor-Online™
is a horizontal IoT platform that can be used in different verticals and for many use cases.

Customizable Dashboards

Create any number of customized dashboards to help effectively gauge the operations.

Drag & Drop Widgets

Create your personal dashboards, analytics & comparisons with a few clicks to effectively consume the data.

Device Management

Manage all the connected sensors, assets, metadata, integrations from a single interface.

Alert Engine

Configure simple and complex SMS & email alerts when abnormality in sensor data detected.


Open REST API with +350 endpoints for secure read/write access of sensor data and interaction with 3rd party data

Rule and Conditional Engine

Powerful rule and conditional engine, easily build your own logic and new data based on formulas

Report Engine

Generate and schedule smart analytical and customized reports in PDF & excel format. Send emails with reports


Create clients and workspaces with the click of a button and invite members to them via email for collaboration.

Private Hosting

Sensor-Online can be hosted & managed on client’s private cloud or on-premise servers or SaaS service.

Automatic Payload Decoder

Sensor-Online automatically decodes all LoRaWAN sensors on the market. Take a look at our device repository


With our white label package, you can set up Sensor-Online on your own domain/server and logotype.

MQTT Broker/ModbusTCP

Open architecture, you can connect IOT sensordata with 3rd party systems like PLC, SCADA..

Tags & custom fields

Arrange your device fleet by annotating it with tags and custom fields. Easy and superfast search and sorting

Bulk actions

CSV import and bulk edit are the tools you need to manage devices at scale efficiently.

#IMD Metering plugin

Store and visualize meter readings. Determine consumption on a time basis and compare daily, weekly and monthly consumption with each other.

Asset Tracking

Display the positions of your IoT assets (e.g. sensors, machines, or other things) real-time/historical view on Google Maps

Building Management

Upload images and place sensors directly in the floor plan of the building, hall plans, or other diagrams

QR code plugin

Use QR code to report various data from the field, use your mobile and manually report data on your assets or logg work done

Docker / Kubernetes

Sensor-Online is a dockerized application, makes it easy to pack, ship, and run any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container, which can run virtually anywhere provide an IoT platform built for flexibility, efficiency, scalability, and robustness.

Integrate everything

Sensor-Onlines is an IoT platform for any Smart domain, like Smart Cities and Buildings. It provides integration of any sensor, IoT, or IT technology or supplier, contextualized with a standardized API for service developers, making IoT services vendor and technology-neutral.

Node-RED support

Sensor-Online provide a custom Node-RED extension that allows you to create functionality by wiring together flows of data between nodes using a browser,  modeling bits of application functionality between IoT devices like sensors, cameras, and wireless routers..

Sensor-Online™ provide network independent data collection. A unique IoT platform that is adapted for popular LoRaWAN® network providers,
private LoRaWAN server, and NB-IoT sensors. The IOT platform is compatible with all wireless sensors in the market.

Dashboard Editor

The data visualization feature of Sensor-Online comprises a rich set of widgets, such as gauges, charts, maps, tables, etc. You can use these widgets to visualize different types of data, whether telemetry, statistics, geolocation, metadata, filters, software updates, or other—both historical and current. All widgets are configurable and allow you to change their data sources as well as visual representation. To address special use cases, Sensor-Online visualization component allows you to easily plug in custom widgets.

Besides data visualization, widgets allow you to interact with devices by sending commands, changing configuration and metadata, etc.

Dashboards help you organize widgets into logical groups and define their layout. Dashboards can be hyperlinked to streamline navigation in the complex multi-device data sets. Moreover, Sensor-Online supports dashboard templating, which allows you to reuse one configuration for multiple device dashboards.

Owing to its open APIs for third-party system integration, Sensor-Online can be connected to data visualization and exploration tools of your own choice.

Easily create your own stylish and informative dashboards with our intuitive ‘no-code’ dashboard interface.

Drag & Drop dashboards widgets released in a checkerboard pattern
Configure your dashboard through our simple web interface.
No programming skills are required.

Application Server

The application server receives and decodes sensor data from SigFox, TTN, TheThingsNetwork, TTI, Loriot, Actilty, RestIoT, Chirpstack, Netmore, Stadshubbsalliansen, Pingday, Privat LoRaWAN, own gateways and others. The sensors send binary data that are unusable by applications. The service of the sensor library is to decode and transform the messages into user data while respecting a common data model.

Compatible with all sensors on the market
Independence of the data from the sensor model

Sensor-Online bitdecoder can decode all existing sensor payloads
Integration and data forwarding.
Sends decoded sensor data to API, SQL, MQTT, OPC, Modbus, etc.m.

OEM/White label

You can install Sensor-Online™ on your own server or in the cloud with your own domain name and brand identity,

Your own domain address.
Your logo and email 'branding'
Unlimited customer accounts and users.

Alarm, conditions and rule engine

Trigger actions based on your sensor data,  It only takes seconds to create a specific rule that sends alarms on your set terms by email and SMS to members of your account. With the rule engine, you can analyze and process data of multiple devices simultaneously and trigger actions when needed. Actions include sending SMS or email notifications, sending downlinks or aggregating your data.

Built-in Javascript intepreter, IFTTT conditional/rule engine
Create alarms, conditions, and rules that send SMS, email, and pusch notifications.

Open API’s and default interfaces

Whether you bring your own hardware to Sensor-Online™ or looking for a way to connect Sensor-Online to third-party services, we offer several standard connectors and interfaces to communicate with Sensor-Online’s Backend.

RestAPI with +350 Endpoints
OPC UA for communication with PLC /SCADA
ModbusTCP slave for communication with PLC /SCADA
MQTT broker for communication with ...


The Sensor-Online IOT platform supports advanced multitenancy, which means that a Sensor-Online instance may serve multiple independent tenants and each tenant’s data is completely isolated from other tenants. In this case, each tenant has a fully isolated share of the Sensor-Online instance where they manage their own users, user permissions, applications, devices, dashboards, etc. The tenants can be thought of as separate organizations that access your  Sensor-Online solution.

That’s why you may not only work with tenants and their credentials but also use the functionality on a very granular level to manage realms, scopes, resources, roles, identity providers, etc.

Create unlimited customer accounts, projects, and users.
Invite users to created customer accounts through email.
Set individual user rights and permission roles.
Ability to upload your own logo for each account
GPS Asset Tracking on Google Map

Send GPS locations to Sensor-Online™ and use our map widget to get a picture of where your vehicles, goods and equipment are in real time and where they have been in a historical perspective

Supports within and outdoor GPS positioning
Real-time and historic GPS presentation on Google Map
Common, satellite or streetview map view with sensor data.
Lat/Lng with reverse geocoding for street addresses

Sensor data placed on construction drawings

You can import drawings, for example, floor plans, electricity, plumbing, road, ventilation drawings.. All drawings comes with with zoom and pan functionality which gives you the same same feel as using Google Map, place your sensor devices at the right place with the display of current sensor data..

Import drawings and place sensors
Zoom, search, and pan in drawings
Sensors plotted at the right place, e.g. in a property
SensorData is visible in inforwindows

Streaming video

IP based camcorders are effective sensors, you can use sensor-Online’s video widget to add one or more surveillance cameras

Embed one or more video sources
Unlimited number of cameras
Discover, react, track, alert, and recordmotion
Take snapshots and make timelapse videos

Online manual and videotutorials

Sensor Online IOT portal is well documented, you can follow our guides to understand how to work with the IoT portal

Clear instructions
Visual guides
Videotutorials on each chapter

Benefit from Sensor-Online’s huge Plug n Play LoRaWAN® Device Repository

SensorOnline’s huge collection of supported hardware, includes a multitude of standard IoT devices to help you get started with your IoT project in minutes. Easily connect any device from the library to SensorOnline IoT Portal and visualize your IoT data in minutes; no coding required!

The most popular off-the-shelf IoT devices are already integrated, and new IOT devices/sensors are added continuously to our device library. Create your own payload decoder with our webbased application server interface.

Supports more than +300 sensordevices
Hardware agnostic, brand independent IoT platform
No Lock-In effect to a vendor's world of products and services