Save time and stay informed with automated temperature monitoring. We solves unique and complex remote monitoring challenges

We offer a wireless sensorsystem for temperature control, that monitor your refrigerators and freezers 24/7 and ensures your storage temperatures are at meet at all combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting, and instant alerts. Contact us and find out how you can get your own smart temperature monitoring solution today!

If the temperature is incorrect, the alarm is triggered immediately and you can take action to minimize product losses and ensure food quality! Alarms are raised on SMS & e-mail in case of temperature deviations occur,

In addition, you save working time compared to manual temperature measurement.

”In the past, we measured each fridge and freezer manually twice a day. sensor-online IoT portal automatically measures 1000 times a week at a fraction of the cost!”

With Sensor-Online it is possible to increase the quality and at the same time reduce the cost.

  • Quality ensures your storage temperatures 24/7. Full control, wherever you are.
  • Automatic HACCP, with self-monitoring based on good hygiene practice (GHP).
  • Alarm on SMS & e-mail in case of temperature deviations.
  • Telephone support during the day 8-17

We guarantee you that you always have the correct storage temperatures in all refrigerators and freezers! In addition, you save working time compared to manual temperature measurement. Should any temperature be incorrect, the alarm goes off immediately and you can take immediate action to minimize product losses and ensure food quality! In addition, you no longer have to doubt whether you have remembered to measure and document correctly, Sensor-Online automatically measures and documents around the clock all year round. Easy and safe!

”In the past, we measured each fridge and freezer manually once a day. sensor-online automatically measures 1000 times a week! At a fraction of the cost”

With Sensor-Online it is possible to increase the quality and at the same time reduce the cost. With an automated solution for temperature measurement, it is possible to save many, many working hours. And as you know, time is often money…


-Low start cost. -Low subscription fee. -No investment cost.

Sensor-Online is a new innovative solution for automatic temperature monitoring of refrigerators and freezers that everyone can afford. Extensive investment is no longer required to access professional, automated refrigeration and freezing monitoring. Sensor-Online is instead a service you subscribe to for a fixed fee, without binding or notice period. The system is completely independent and requires no connection to existing systems.
The system is specially developed for smaller grocery stores, cafés and restaurants.

Get started with a low start-up fee and a fixed monthly fee based on how many refrigerators / freezers you want to monitor. A complete temperature monitoring system as a subscription.
-Without heavy investment. -Easy!


A really good system.

Risk-free to try!  We know that sensor-online will help you save both time and money from day one and that the service is so good that there is no need for a lock-in period or notice period. But if after all you are not really friends with the stuff or if you do not really think that the system lives up to your expectations, well then just quit right away! Too bad, but if you are sure, just let us know which day you want to end the service and we will fix it. Clear! No questions asked! -Easy.


The system fits all models of refrigerators and freezers, including plug-in models, freezers and refrigerators, freezers and refrigerators, as well as older types and models. The solution is based on new IoT technology where all functions, all data and settings are in a cloud service on the internet. No expensive central unit or extensive remodeling or installation is required by your refrigerators and freezers. Easy!

All documentation you need for self-inspection is delivered automatically in the form of reports by e-mail.


Wireless and battery-powered temperature sensors with 3 km range and 5 years of operation on battery. The system is easy to install, no wiring, extra pipes or anything else is needed. Neither electricians, refrigeration technicians nor IT staff need to be called in. You can set up the system yourself if you want. The sensors are placed one by one in the respective fridge / freezer and then pressed into the battery. The system immediately starts recording temperature data. Log in to and name your measuring points. Specify alert levels and recipients of alarms and reports. The whole installation does not need to take more than a few minutes. -Clear!


Easy and convenient to quickly check the temperature! You get the history for free. Directly on the screen.

Now it’s even easier to quickly check the temperature in a fridge or freezer!
Scan the QR code and get direct access to that particular fridge or freezer temperature. You can immediately see how the temperature has been this morning, last night, yesterday! Bus-single.

Proceed as follows: 1. Scan the QR code. 2. See temperature data!