OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Compute and enhance the capability & reliability of manufacturing operations by streamlining your production with OEE.

What is OEE?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the standard  for measuring manufacturing productivity and analyzing the equipment performance. It identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that creates a product that can be delivered to the customer. Evaluates how efficiently a machine, your work force and the process is being used or performed.  By optimizing OEE, you can improve quality and increase efficiency in your production lines. It helps to increase the capacity of your shop floor.

Why OEE is important ?

Machine Utilization, quality of the produced goods & performance of the Machine / Operator are the core of any production industry.  OEE is one common metric that defines all the three put together. The higher the OEE, the shop floor produces higher number of shippable products and lower will be the cost used to produce a part that can be sold to customers.  This is especially true for the long term, but often for the short and medium term as well. These include adding new transitions, increasing overtime, purchasing new piece of equipment, outsourcing production or opening a new facility. Currently, the OEE score of 85 percent is considered exceptional. The truth is, many manufacturing facilities are falling behind this rate ( around 40%), in need of making continuous improvement. There is a lot of scope for improving the productivity and eliminating waste with OEE metric on a day to day,  month on month & year over year.

Screendump of Sensor-Online running a OEE application

Enhance and visualize your company’s productivity with the flexible and scalable IOT platform Sensor-Onnline. We make it easy and affordable to monitor and enhance your manufacturing OEE, (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Add wired and/or wireless sensors to measure the productivity in your manufacturing process and capture real-time data for a bird’s eye view of your production.

Machine Runtime
Know the exact runtime for any machine in any factory setting. This solution provides full visibility per shift where you can see uptime, downtime, pulse counts, and machine efficiency. Identify issues in a timely manner, saving you time and money from costly repairs.

* Monitor Production KPIs
* Connect & collect data from any Machine.
* Generate Reports
* Trigger alarms
* Preventive action, log machine downtime

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tracking is highly effective & needed one for efficient production management & supervision. Likewise, keeping an eye on OEE permits production managers to make suitable modifications and alterations to battle the losses and optimize production. As a result, OEE tracking could be the best way for productivity improvement. In addition, as everybody thinks, OEE is not about displaying how well a production process is operating at different stages & different times. However, it is specially meant to exhibit where improvements can be made. Therefore, act on the suggestions

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