Who is the developer of the Sensor-Online IOT cloud platform

Nodeledge AB, a leader in the Swedish Internet of Things (IoT) sector, presents the Sensor-Online IoT platform — a powerful tool for simple and scalable IoT sensor deployments. Our platform offers an extensive array of software, hardware, connectivity options, and services, equipping you with all necessary resources for success.

Explore the ease of IoT implementation with our diverse range of over 400 plug-and-play sensors, opening a realm of limitless IoT possibilities. Our strong partnerships with over 100 hardware manufacturers guarantee access to top-notch options.  We recognize the challenges of integrating devices from various manufacturers. The complexities of sourcing sensors, interpreting payloads, provisioning devices, and managing LoRa networks can be daunting. Sensor-Online revolutionizes this process, offering a turnkey solution that ensures smooth compatibility across devices. Whether you need comprehensive IoT solutions or wish to integrate various sensors and solutions into your existing system, we provide full support.

Our sensors and gateways are meticulously designed for plug-and-play functionality, simplifying device management. We prioritize robust edge-to-cloud security and efficient supply chain management, ensuring seamless delivery of sourced devices.

Embark on your IoT journey with ease using Sensor-Online. Our all-encompassing suite of solutions is here to support you in initiating, operating, and expanding your IoT enterprise. Unlock the boundless potential of IoT and uncover a myriad of business opportunities





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What makes us so special?

Over a period of time, with deep focus on technologies & innovation, we have developed technical expertise in four areas as shown below. With myriad of experiences in providing multiple IoT solutions, we have become digital transformation leaders, IoT technology consultants & business problem solvers.

Sensor Integration

Check out our device repositry, we have interfaced with all types of sensors, meters, actuators and more

IOT Cloud Platform

Feature rich, secure and highly configurable Sensor-Online cloud is developed using state of the art modern tech.

Wireless Connectivity

We can enable the data connectivity using 4G LTE, WiFi, GPRS, LoraWAN, NB-IoT* & Ethernet.

Connect Anything

Monitor & control assets, analyze data from different sensors and equipment to draw powerful insights.

Connect Everything, Everywhere with Sensor-Online| Connect 30+ protocols & millions of devices to Cloud & IT.