Who are the developer of Sensor-Online IOT cloud platform

Sensor-Online.se / Nodeledge AB is a Swedish technology company where the majority of the business concerns the sale, adaptation, development and marketing of IoT, telematics and telemetry products with data communication based on NB-IoT/LTE-M and LoRaWAN wireless network technology. The company’s business concept is based on growth in the M2M area, where we assume the role of both system integrator and technical partner for our customers. We have expertise in NB_IoT, LTE-M, SigFox, LoRaWAN, processor technology, hardware, electronics, Internet, programming, Google Map as well as extensive experience in popular SCADA systems such as Fix, Citect, Cactus, Aqua-View, Va-operator, Exomatic, Webport and others. Together with our customers and partners who are all specialists in their respective fields, we create effective solutions and powerful and affordable tools for the business.

The founders behind sensor-online currently run several sister companies such as GPS logik AB, GoogleMapcotrol AB, Nodeledge AB.








The sector we work in is the so-called M2M/IoT market i.e. machine to machine communication also called IoT i.e. Internet of Things. This involves a variety of devices that are currently connected to the LoRaWAN/GSM/SigFox network in order to be able to remotely read, control, measure, log, alarm and track wise GPS.
It can be sensors, machines, energy systems, vending machines, industrial robots, consumption meters, elevators, vehicles, containers etc.

We are a knowledge company specializing in measurement technology, alarms and control where data communication takes place via the GSM network, SigFox or LoRaWAN.

Sensor-Online / Nodeledge AB
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What makes us so special?

Over a period of time, with deep focus on technologies & innovation, we have developed technical expertise in four areas as shown below. With myriad of experiences in providing multiple IoT solutions, we have become digital transformation leaders, IoT technology consultants & business problem solvers.

Sensor Integration

Check out our device repositry, we have interfaced with all types of sensors, meters, actuators and more

IOT Cloud Platform

Feature rich, secure and highly configurable Sensor-Online cloud is developed using state of the art modern tech.

Wireless Connectivity

We can enable the data connectivity using 4G LTE, WiFi, GPRS, LoraWAN, NB-IoT* & Ethernet.

Connect Anything

Monitor & control assets, analyze data from different sensors and equipment to draw powerful insights.