Smart City Applications

Sensor-Online smart city network with LoRaWAN radio access and LTE-IoT integration and ready to deploy applications with hardware, city managers and operators can deploy smart city applications as integral part of their grand smart city strategy.  With Sensor-Online smart city applications and network, cities can cover more than 50% of entire smart city applications portfolio.

Digital transformation using IOT technologies

Digital transformation does not only affect industry and business – the entire society and all areas of life are changing due to new digital technologies. In the course of these developments, the areas and companies whose task it is to create infrastructures are taking on a special position: public utilities, municipalities and energy suppliers. Become the motor of digitalisation with innovation technologies such as the Internet of Things!  The road to the Smart City leads via public utilities and municipalities. The operation of digital infrastructures still challenges many municipal utilities. The Internet of Things is your chance to become an innovation and competence leader for digitalisation in your community. In an initial proof of concept, IoT projects are created that initially optimize your own processes in the municipal utility. The IoT roll-outs of the municipal utilities reveal the added value of IoT: building new business fields and increasing the quality of life in cities, towns and in rural areas.

As a keystone of smarter urban environments, a modern city engineering infrastructure will become increasingly retrofitted with embedded technology and IoT connectivity to enable its real-time monitoring and adaptable allocation of city resources, such as electricity, water, transportation, public services, and emergency staff. Being one of the most comprehensive IoT platforms for the smart city sector, Sensor-Onlline enables secure, near real-time interoperability between diverse infrastructure systems, devices, and sensors — also providing full freedom in setting up multicloud deployments and incorporating emerging industry standards on the go.

  • Smart meter networks
  • Smart grid automation
  • Pipeline infrastructure monitoring
  • Smart road infrastructure
  • Smart lights and Wi-Fi zones
  • Emergency escalation systems
  • IoT-powered waste management
  • Environment monitoring systems
  • Monitoring of district heating shafts to prevent leakage
  • Smart parking: parking space occupancy is checked with sensors
  • Smart Metering: Intelligent water, gas, heat and electricity meters transmit consumption data to utilities and for optimized service
  • Smart street lighting
  • Smart waste: The fill level of waste bins is checked with sensors

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IoT technologies and Sensor-Online are the best way to build public transportation and traffic management solutions that automatically respond to road congestions, accidents, and emergencies by adapting traffic light patterns, distributing mass-scale notifications, and managing digital signs. With Sensor-Online, it is easy to create an end-to-end IoT traffic management solution that would also allow citizens to monitor all aspects of the city road situation from their smartphones in real time.

  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Road conditions monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Public transportation tracking
  • Passenger load management
  • Smart traffic lights
  • Smart parking

Smart buildings are essential for a sustainable, energy-saving strategy of the city, modern standards of living, and a dynamic business life. Sensor-Online offers a stack of IoT components that can be rapidly implemented for smart building solutions of any kind — from a unified climate management system via networks of connected sensors and HVAC equipment to personalized IoT-equipped workplaces.

  • Internal climate management
  • IoT-equipped doors
  • Smart conference halls
  • Office transportation
  • Smart workplace
  • Automated food delivery
  • Security monitoring
  • Office asset management

The smart cities of the future will not only be efficient but also empower their citizens with simple access to modern technology and IoT innovations. With smartphone-based solutions powered by Sensor-Online, city dwellers can be always thoroughly informed about latest city events, crowd zones, estimated in-line waiting time at public service facilities, and traffic situation. Also, Sensor-Online can be effectively utilized for on-street smart solutions such as interactive street signs, smart advertisement boards, security cameras, bike sharing spots, etc.

  • Live city cameras
  • Online access to public services
  • Online city event maps
  • Real-time traffic and crowd maps
  • Interactive street signs
  • Smart advertisement boards
  • Bike/car sharing system
  • Personal/asset tracking systems