Sensor-Online™, sub-metering plugin collects wired and wireless M-Bus and LoRaWAN metering data from all major meter brands that are MID compliant. The plugin makes it easy to acquire, store, analyze and report meter data for substantial savings. IMD sub-metering gives tenants control, understanding, and the possibility to pay for their own water consumption and use of electricity. Electricity consumption decreases by up to 25% and water consumption by up to 40%.

Sensor-Online™ IoT platform brings together cutting-edge wireless sensor technologies to deliver top-notch IoT solutions for the utility clients worldwide. Powered by Sensor-Online™ IoT platform, our Smart Metering solution monitors thousands of energy and water meters under a single console and derive useful information for logical reasoning and systematic decision making. Our solution is engineered for industrial, commercial & residential metering applications to provide better visibility, controlled consumption, enhanced productivity, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs. Utilities can now monitor the power quality, access & report critical information, maximize grid efficiency and perform real-time instrumentation. Our solution enables utilities, hardware manufacturers and system integrators to provide precise and cost-effective metering infrastructure that yield significant benefits to government & independent power providers, consumers and environment. Sensor-Online™, as an IoT application enablement platform provider, helps the partners and customers to use our platform for building various IoT solutions. Our smart metering solution can be used as a stand-alone point solution or can be integrated with multiple solutions.


We help you automate monitoring of resource consumption, such as energy, water, gas, etc., through modern MID compliant metering devices connected to the Internet via IoT technology. We make it easy and profitable to connect, measure and visualize measured values for less energy use and reduced energy costs.

IMD stands for Individual Metering and Debit. By measuring the consumption of each and everyones utilities, you are given the means for each and everyone to pay for their own consumption.

EU directive on energy efficiency

In 2012 the European Union released the directive on energy efficiency, where individual metering was a big part. Some member countries, like Germany and Denmark, has already had this for many years, and here it’s regarded as something given. Sweden passed a law on November 1st 2020,  that takes effect by the 1st of July 2021.

We can help you with measurment of


  • Cold and hot water for household or business
  • Electricity for household or business
  • Charging stations for cars
  • Heat/radiators
  • Temperature and relative air humidity
  • Smoke detectors
  • Measurements of prescense (passage and physical prescense)
  • Watermeasurements for waterplants

To get

  • Billingdata
  • Consumptioncontrol in real estates
  • Building climate using 3D visualization 
  • SMS and email alerts for deviations

Companies who seek to optimize their operating costs but have little experience with modern IoT technology often face basic smart metering integration troubles. While it is easy to order a smart meter on the Internet, setting it up and getting visual metering data the way you want it is a different story. One problem is in many cases you can’t test the application that comes with the smart meter when you buy it. Another issue is that you can’t tweak the application if the need arises, or use it together with applications from other device vendors. This is why 9 times out of 10 you’d be better off using an IoT platform that offers all the features and flexibility you need for smart metering with some extra room for future growth.

The first advantage of an IoT platform for regular businesses is that you can use it to connect metering devices from any popular vendor to your system and manage them together

our smart metering dashboards, once set up, will work seamlessly with any new device that you may add to the system. In the Sensor-Online IOT platform, it is quite easy to set up the entire smart metering application because we offer an out-of-the-box solution template that features all the popular capabilities and graphical widgets for smart metering.

The second advantage is the ability to change pieces around, create custom dashboards, notifications, and implement advanced smart metering use cases. In Sensor-Online IMD module, our goal was to provide users with a graphical UI that removes the need for coding for all the typical customization tasks. At the same time, software engineers can enjoy the freedom of the microservice-based architecture of Sensor-Online and even program their own features if they’d like to.

  • Ability to send remote commands based on smart metering data, for example, adjusting the lights, heating, etc.
  • Simple setup, straightforward dashboard configuration, out-of-the-box dashboard for quick start
  • Adding/managing/removing smart meters within your solution
  • Ability to generate reports or view analytics
  • Ability to set up alerts and notifications

Smart metering solutions can be quite complex, and that’s why not every company can build them in house, even with the right IoT platform. That’s where technology partners and solution integrators step in. Their specific use case is, first of all, to find a platform for smart metering solutions that is both powerful enough to address diverse customers’ needs and easy enough to use so that the development process takes minimum time and effort. Additionally, they require flexible integration and customization options in order to connect diverse solutions into one.

Now, how do you use an IoT platform to acquire actual smart metering projects? The common way is to build a proof of concept and make a strong match for the client’s requirements.

That’s why rapid prototyping capability is another important criteria for solution integrators looking for a smart metering platform. In Sensor-Online, for example, we offer a free plan for 2 devices so that companies can build and thoroughly test their solutions at small scale before subscribing to paid plans. We also have a ready-to-go smart metering solution prototype, which we call a template, within the platform so that you can show your customers a rich demo before even learning how to develop anything in Sensor-Online.

Last but not the least, there’s the question of the platform’s vendor availability and support. Solution integrators must know they can count on the vendor’s product team to help them cope with complex projects, training, and the end user support. The cost of such support services should be also taken into account.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive UI for rapid prototyping and straightforward development process
  • Simple setup, straightforward dashboard configuration, out-of-the-box dashboard for quick start
  • Solid documentation and training materials
  • Rich feature set; flexible customization, integration, and deployment options
  • Out-of-the-box smart metering solution template
  • Reliable vendor support, affordable services
  • Risk-free trial options

Intelligent Metering Technology for a wealthy business

Sensor-Online™ offers a secure and scalable solution to resolve the challenges in a metering infrastructure. Our Smart Metering solution acquires, manages and reports energy data from electricity and water meters such as I/O voltage, I/O current, water flow, velocity, pressure etc. These critical info enable energy managers & utilities to easily target the consumption pattern and also helps them perform demand planning. It paves way to reduce consumption, thereby saving valuable energy resources. Conservation can happen only with proper information, which is the focal point of our solution.Utilities can now have a track of power and water been distributed & consumed. Utilities and independent power providers can drastically reduce OPEX by 30% and cut cost associated with maintenance and manpower by our real-time fault monitoring capability. You can improve the day-to-day grid effectiveness and capacity planning using our detailed reporting & intelligence.