Sensor-Online™ is an open, flexible, future-proof and scalable IoT platform that allows you to build your own IoT system based on a stable and flexible IoT stack with all the necessary features for buildings and facilities.

By connecting a variety of sensors and independent information systems, facility managers are providing a more secure, efficient, environment friendly and comfortable place for residents. By using new smart sensors and analytics, solution providers can control the traffic of people, reduce energy consumption, set the proper temperature, and increase the utilization rate of offices in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

When it comes to real estate, the development of offices, homes and premises has received a real boost from IoT. Through connected solutions, more and more of the building’s functions can now be monitored and optimized based on changing needs. Temperature and ventilation control is done automatically. Energy use is analyzed and streamlined all the time. All this is made possible by networks of connected nodes and sensors that communicate with each other. The technology is used everywhere as residential properties, office properties, schools and care facilities. The system monitors via measuring sensors how the actual indoor climate relates to what is desired.


Thanks to the fact that the sensors and the other components of the system are connected to each other, they can always ensure that the serviced surfaces have the best possible indoor environment for the lowest possible energy use. Property owners and tenants can then monitor and manage the climate functions via the web. The control system uses the latest technology in radio communication to make the system components communicate with each other. Temperature, CO2, presence detectors and relay modules are examples of components that are connected as nodes. The system can be adjusted, changed and updated remotely.

Example dashboard that visualize realtime and historical sensorvalues and sensorplacement. Dashboards are easy to create using our drag n drop widgets