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See for yourself how Sensor-Online™ can be used to deploy your entire connected product solution in no-time, all while generating the best return on investment.

Sensor-Online provides unmatched flexibility and scalability to you application 

  • Connect to hundreds of different types of IoT devices, regardless of manufacturer
  • Create Any Sensor application
  • Connect any 3rd party service
  • Create any dashboard, drag and drop no-code visualization and styling widgets
  • Send collected data to any cloud or enterprise system
  • Total controll and data ownership
  • Actionable real-time data using the built in javascript engine through rules, scenarios,
  • Hardware and network agnostic platform, removes vendor or technology lock-ins
  • Open standards suppported
  • Built in RestAPI with + 150 endpoints and counting
  • Integrate IOT devices into your IT, BI, CRM, …
  • Integrate IOT devices into your existing PLC/ SCADA enviroment
  • Integrated NodeRed, Low-code programming for event-driven applications
  • Installs on the Cloud or on-premises l
  • Connect anything and reuse everything legacy tech and new IoT
  • Supporting API & Data models
  • Complete control and data ownership
  • Built for control, security, scalability, and robustness
  • IoT device management
  • IoT in-the-field installer tools, like the powerful LoRaWAN fieldtesting tool…

All from one place, -Sensor-Online