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We are always keen to partner with industry veterans, OEMs, domain experts, contractors, and system integrators. As a partner, you will get access to our technology, products, expertise, and solutions.

Expand Your Market

Lower your development time, streamline sensor procurement, and eliminate hardware carrying costs to help you get to market faster.

New Business Opportunities

Solve your customer’s challenges by quickly integrating sensors into your business, accelerating innovation, and increasing revenue.

Simplified Deployments

Reduce solution deployment time by leveraging our full suite of sensor products, including software, hardware, connectivity, and services.

What to inspect:

Launching your IoT business becomes easier with Sensor-Online IOT platform
  • Quickly go to market
    Instant access to thousands of sensors for any project, deploying solutions that address your customer’s challenges.
  • Sell to your existing customers
    Hotels, food services, hospitals, farms, universities, factories, mining sites, office buildings, construction, and more.
  • Build your value proposition
    Determine the value you add to your existing products by offering a multitude of sensor-powered solutions.
  • Establish your business model
    Sell packaged solutions or integrate sensor data into your existing apps/services. Set your margins and establish your pricing.
  • Grow your recurring revenue
    Focus on growing your business and increasing revenue by adding value to your services.
  • Procure sensors
    We manage relationships with hundreds of device manufacturers normalizing data for thousands of sensors.
  • Simplify integration
    We created one streamlined integration into your platform to make it compatible with thousands of sensors.
  • Complete software
    We provide a full suite of software products for end-to-end sensor enablement.
  • Accelerate deployments
    We offer full services, including pre-provisioning, fulfillment, remote installation, and custom development.
  • Include connectivity
    We include a LoRaWAN network server enabling your solutions to instantly connect to the network.
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