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Internet of Things, – Connect Anything Everywhere.

The Internet of Things, or IoT. You’ve heard of it. But what is it, and why is it promising such vast change? Well, imagine everything in our physical world all seamlessly connected, securely connected, everything connected. Even then you’re barely close to grasping the potential of IoT. Connected devices are everywhere – in factories, fields, city streets and remote villages. But without reliable connectivity,   datadecoding, datavisalization, it’s just a device. That’s why we built our IoT platform – an easy to use solution that enabling any business to connect and manage devices easily and secure.

Everything connected. Everywhere, IoT is not separate from the Internet, but an expansion of it – a way of intelligently fusing the real and cyber worlds. By 2050, there will be 24 billion interconnected devices, meaning almost every object us around us: streetlights, thermostats, electric meters, fitness trackers, water pumps, cars, elevators, even gym vests. These IoT-enabled devices contain sensors that constantly collect and react to data, and this vast level of data can be used to unlock new levels of intelligence.

No limits, except your imagination.

Every so often, an innovation comes along that leaves those without it behind. IoT is such a game-changer. Because it’s not what it IoT is, it’s what it has the potential to be. For businesses dreaming of new solutions, the only limits are their imagination. Nodeledge AB ‘s IoT solutions will help you bridge that gap between possibility and reality. And we’ll do this by supplying the ultimate connectors: cellular, LoraWAN or SigFox.

At NodeLEdge AB, we know enterprises face challenges on their digital transformation journey. You may be trying to turn a product into a connected one, or transform a product into a new service. The hurdles you’ll face are trying to lower costs, ensure device visibility, speed up time to market, and maintain high security. We believe any enterprise should be empowered to leap over these obstacles and make their IoT idea a reality. So that’s why we created our IoT platform – Sensor-Online™.

The lack of standardization is a huge problem, with connected devices implemented everywhere, the need for seamless integration between those devices has never been greater. In addition, initiatives such as ‘smart’ grids, water & waste distribution, ‘smart’ agriculture, smart cities and buildings, and the growing integration of IoT are reaching their full potential with standardization and interoperability-enabling middleware.

Sensor-Online™ IOT platform integrates with a multitude of network technologies such as Cellular, LoRaWAN network providers like Actility, Loriot, TTN, TTI, Helium, LTE-M, NB-IOT, 5G, Netmore, Pingday Sigfox or private owned gateways. We are constantly evolving our connectivity portfolio by including the connectivity’s of different network operators in our solution. Quality hardware is key to a great IoT solution. We are always looking for new hardware to support a broad range of use cases. By partnering with hardware producers, hardware developers, and wholesalers, we mutually support our clients to find the right products for their cases.. Nodeledge AB act as a system partner that are experts in delivering professional management, consulting, and system integration services in IT projects.  We bring you the IoT infrastructure that scales with your project, fit for all IoT project stages.  Whether starting with a fast and inexpensive pilot project or growing to thousands of smart devices. Sensor-Online™ IOT platform provides a pricing that scales with your needs. Pay only for what you need,  Start small and pay only for the devices you register. as your project scales, our degressive pricing model will make sure you remain with a cost effective solution.

Accelerate your possibilities, with Sensor-Online’s powerful features

Sensor-Online™ platform connectscontrols, and manages IoT devices; all in one place. with minimal effort across different connectivity platforms, avoid unnecessary complexity and additional administration effort. Sensor-Online™ is a straight forward solution to complex IoT challenges. we make it possible for you to build great IoT products and services with value.

Easily connect to other services in your ecosystem with Webhook, API, Node-RED, MQTT, FTP, Mail and SMS connectors.

Supported protocols
The following protocols are supported to connect your devices: HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, ModbusTCP. OPC-UA, Bluetooth, BACnet, Wired and wireless M-Bus and more

Rule Engine
Trigger actions based on your sensor data, with the rule engine, you can analyze and process data of multiple devices simultaneously and trigger actions when needed. Actions include sending SMS or email notifications, sending downlinks or aggregating your data. All that with no coding skills required!

Multi tenancy 
The multitenant architecture, is a software application that is designed to provide every tenant a dedicated share of the instance – including its data, configuration, user management, tenant individual functionality and non-functional properties.

Benefit from a device type library

With more than +300 payload encoder/decoder for up-/downlinks. The most popular off-the-shelf IoT devices are already integrated and new devices are continuously added to our open-source device library. Create your own device types.  Browse our extensive list of pre-integrated devices and see what device options there are for your personal use case.

Security that’s built-in, not built on
In today’s fragmented ecosystem of standards, devices and services, reliable security mechanisms are vital. Our IoT platform has security that’s built-in from the ground up, not just bolted on. That means we can operate a high-security IoT service, that ensures full confidentiality and data privacy of your connected devices.

Sensor-Online is a horizontal IoT platform that can be used in different verticals and for many use cases and provides unmatched flexibility and scalability to you application

  • Connect seamlessly to a wide variety of IoT devices, independent of their manufacturers.
  • Develop applications for any sensor type with ease.
  • Facilitate integration with third-party services effortlessly.
  • Design customizable dashboards using intuitive drag-and-drop, no-code visualization and styling tools.
  • Route collected data to any cloud-based or enterprise system of your choice.
  • Maintain complete control and ownership over your data.
  • Utilize built-in JavaScript engine to enable actionable, real-time data through rules and scenarios.
  • Enjoy a hardware and network agnostic platform that eliminates dependencies on specific vendors or technologies.
  • Benefit from support for open standards.
  • Access an extensive built-in RestAPI, featuring over 350 endpoints and continuously expanding.
  • Seamlessly integrate IoT devices with your existing IT infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management systems, and more.
  • Incorporate IoT devices into your current PLC/SCADA setups.
  • Leverage integrated Node-Red for low-code programming, ideal for event-driven applications.
  • Flexible deployment options: cloud-based or on-premises installations.
  • Achieve interoperability by connecting and reusing both legacy technology and new IoT innovations.
  • Support for comprehensive API and data models.
  • Ensure complete control and data sovereignty.
  • Designed with a focus on control, security, scalability, and durability.
  • Streamline IoT device management.
  • Provide in-the-field IoT installer tools, including advanced solutions like the LoRaWAN field testing tool.

All from one place, -Sensor-Online

IMD (individual metering and debit) built-in, -remote reading of energy consumption (water, gas, electricity) solution

Modbus Protocol is a messaging structure. It is used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices. It is the most widely used network protocol in industrial manufacturing.

The M-Bus, wired or wireless (“Meter-Bus”), is a European standard for remote reading of heat meters. It is also usable for all other types of consumption meters.

Creating a mutual offering

Let’s unlock more opportunities together! We are always keen to partner with industry veterans, OEMs, domain experts, contractors, and system integrators. As a partner, you will get access to our software, products, and expertise. With our secure, scalable, and reliable IOT platform,  enterprises can build their LoRaWAN, cellular, and SigFox IoT efforts much faster, and expand their business at an equally rapid pace. That’s because our IoT Platform can help where it matters most – by turning business concepts into realities.

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