Sensor-Online is the right IOT portal for Smarter Agriculture

Sensor-Online™ IoT platform that provide real-time information provided by local sensors and third-party services can be combined to provide users with recommendations for the best actions to take in order to grow their crops and reduce the use agricultural inputs, such as seeds and fertilizers. Monitoring of greenhouses, animal breeding installations, and open environments with IoT sensors bring unparalleled

Get Connected

Certified devices are ready to be connected to your application in no time. Smart agriculture applications, for no matter the size of the area, that rely on WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, BLE, Satellite, and other means can benefit from a long list of sensors at Sensor-Onlines device repositry.


Visualize the Way You Want

Farmers are constantly busy and rely on precise information to take planned actions. With Sensor-Online, sensor data can be overlaid with weather information in a simple and easy to use dashboard. Learn how how to use our ready-to-go widgets to display status, location, levels, and also how to use our visualization widgets.


IoT Devices in the Next Generation of Agriculture

Innovative uses of IoT applications in agriculture are driving opportunities for forward-thinking operations to increase yields while improving food safety and delivery. From crop and livestock monitoring to water management, farm-to-fork regulatory compliance and more, sensors, gateways and modules work together to provide accurate real-time data that is collected and analyzed for more informed decisions, cost rationalization, and streamlined regulatory compliance.


IoT applications in connected agriculture employ a multitude of sensors for gathering data in real time. Farmers and agro-managers rely on connected sensors to analyze soil conditions, monitor the health of crops and livestock and effectively operate drones and agricultural vehicles often in remote areas without ready broadband access.

Innovations in sensor technology, including the integration of low-power, miniaturized and disposable tracking solutions combined with the power of 5G, promise greater opportunities for farmers to apply sensing technology to their unique environments. This technology will help them respond to changing environmental, staffing, regulatory and demand conditions, individually or combined.

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