Sensor-Online™ B2B Pricing Alternatives

All tenants acconts include unlimited sensors, users, dashboards, integrations, api-calls, data-points & messages.

System Integrators

B2B Partners

System setup Fee €1300

€250 / month

Free Sensor-Online version upgrade on request
Unlimited tenants account

We are excited to provide a revenue-sharing model for client accounts that offers great benefits. You will receive 35% of the account fee, as well as profit from sales of IO modules, training, integration on 3rd party systems, and onsite application help. We believe this arrangement is fair and mutually beneficial. You can set the price per client account, regardless of its size, and we are committed to helping you maximize your profits for our mutual benefit.

OEM / White-labeling contact us for pricing

All subscription plans include server hosting, sms and email costs. Focus on your solution while we manage the servers for you.

System Integrators

B2B partners

System Setup Fee €1300

€399 / month

Free Sensor-Online version upgrade on request
Unlimited tenants
The tenant cost is per-device starts from €1 per month + monthly tenant fee €199
Email support
3 Month Data Retention
6 month cancellable



System Setup Fee €1500


Free Sensor-Online version upgrade on request
Dedicated server instances
Unlimited Devices and Assets
Unlimited data points
Custom SLA
  • ModbusTCP slave functionality
  • OPC UA client driver
  • Node Red integration package
  • Individual Metering and Debit (IMD), Add wired Mbus and wireless Mbuss metering devices to collect enery data.
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Route optimization,  Automate Delivery Dispatching & Scheduling. Complete Control & Visibility.

Our support packs designed to cover diverse requirements


for 1 server instance only
What’s in?
  • Phone/email consulting: 2h per month
  • Server issue response time: < 24h
  • 1 named contact within business hours

€180 / month


for up to 25 clients running
What’s in?
  • Phone/email consulting: 4h per month
  • Server issue response time: < 24h
  • 1 named contacts within business hours

€350 / month


privileged bundle for 25-100 clients
What’s in?
  • Phone/email consulting: 8h per month
  • Server issue response time: < 12h
  • Support energineer 

€600 / month

Upgrade Sensor-Online

What’s in?
  • Installation work: 12h per install
  • Migrating existing data into new database structure
  • New Sensor-Online version upgrade

€1400 work

€2500 / versionupgrade

IMD metering

What’s in?
  • Installation work
  • Mbus support
  • IMD reports


€5/meter and year

OEM white label

What’s in?
  • OEM 
  • Whitelabel