On industrial sites as big as cities, items get lost or stolen. Less dramatically, but just as importantly, assets don’t always get efficiently placed within those sites where inventories often rely on manual input. Finding an asset in a warehouse and optimizing stock is difficult enough. Tracking it across the world is another matter entirely. These are challenges that the Sensor-Online Iot platform – can solve, offering an end-to-end, customizable solution to track assets and optimize the Supply Chain of any industrial facility. The focus is on, critical assets for customers’ operations such as Returnable Shipping Assets (RSAs) or Returnable Industrial Packaging (RIPs) including rays, racks, pallets, crates, tubs, bins, or containers, forklifts, industrial tools and heavy mobile machinery.

New cutting edge IoT Tracking service for mapping and location data management based on LoRaWAN® / Celluar networks.

Our latest Indoor / Outdoor asset tracker with up to 12 years battery life in a small rugged housing.


Sensor-Online GPS tracking asset management solution is based on LoRaWAN, a low power wireless protocol for wide area networks. With LoRaWAN, devices can communicate with IoT applications over long-range wireless connections. It also allows for devices’ batteries to last longer, therefore significantly lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. Our tracking devices that work both indoors and outdoors thanks to their multi-technology geolocation system, integrating GPS, with patented Low-power GPS, WiFi Sniffing and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Sensor-Online GPS trackers’ indoor positioning capabilities one step further with Google Maps.  Maps can be used to map the inside and outside of any industrial facility, be it a warehouse or a factory, with the required level of accuracy.

Sensor-Online™ outdoor and indoor asset management tracker is designed based on GPS, BLE, and LoRaWAN technology. With the help of Bluetooth Beacon technology, it supports not only outdoor GPS tracking but also indoor tracking and switches automatically. The built-in G-sensor analyzes the user’s motion to prolong the standby time and improve user experience. G-sensor (sensitivity is adjustable) can also be used for vibration detection, which makes it perfect for monitoring assets to be supervised. The IP67 case and 5400mAh non-chargeable 1.5VDC battery makes it perfect for asset management, indoor and outdoor. It is fully compatible with all LoRaWAN frequencies and LoRaWAN compliant gateway.


It is a perfect product for tracking:
– Vehicles in airport or factories
– Containers in warehouse or assembly line
– Assets supervised by the bank or the owner
– Vibration detection
– To use the indoor tracking function, Bluetooth beacon must be deployed about 10~20 meters from each other. At least 3 Bluetooth beacons are needed to use the accurate tracking feature. The accuracy can be as high as two meters.


  • LoRaWAN 1.3
  • GPS outdoor tracking, 2.5 m accuracy
  • BLE indoor tracking, 1~3 m accuracy
  • Breakpoint resume
  • 3 axis accelerometer supported for motion detection
  • Supports all LoRaWAN frequencies
  • Multi power-saving options
  • Illegal movement alert
  • Battery level report
  • 16 days standby time with an 6 coordinates acquisition per hour (24 hours each day)
  • On/Off button

Technical details

  • LoRaWan1.3
  • Band: EU863~870, EU433, US902-~928, CN470~510, AU915~928,
  • AS920~923, AS923~925, CLAA, CN470-Ali
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Sensitivity: -142.5dBm @ SF12 300bps
  • Standard AAA non-chargeable 1.5VDC battery
  • Operation temperature: -40~+70℃
  • Dimension: 97626mm